Ahmed Afzaal

Believing and Knowing

“The X-Files” is a popular television series that was originally aired from September 1993 to May 2002. It was produced by Chris Carter for the Fox Network. While I did catch an occasional episode or two when it… Read More

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Between “Deed” and “Idea” (2)

By saying that the Qur’an emphasizes “deed” rather than “idea,” Iqbal has identified for us what is perhaps the very essence of revelation. Muslims take the Qur’an as containing the revelations that came from God to Prophet Muhammad… Read More

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Faith and Belief (5)

The relation between faith and belief is dialectical: (1) belief is one of the forms in which faith is expressed, (2) belief is one of the sources from which faith is nourished. Let me elaborate. People’s faith expresses itself in a variety of historical forms; these historical forms, in turn, sustain and nourish… Read More

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