Ahmed Afzaal

The Politics of Easter (4)

The myth of Easter captures a fundamental truth that is such an inherent part of reality as to be virtually undeniable. Simply put, the deep structure of reality is such that it would, in the long-run, support justice over injustice; truth over falsehood; compassion over cruelty; and fairness over tyranny.

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The Politics of Easter (3)

It is one thing to be incredulous toward this or that metanarrative, and even toward this or that element in all metanarratives, but to exist as human and not have at least an implicit metanarrative is impossible, with the possible exception of the hopelessly schizophrenic psychotics.

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The Politics of Easter (2)

“Casement” is a poem by Faiz Ahmed Faiz; its theme is Easter, its meaning political.

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