Ahmed Afzaal

The Word “Violence” (2)

Here is Galtung’s first definition of violence, as appeared in “Violence, Peace, and Peace Studies,” published in 1969: As a point of departure, let us say that violence is present when human beings are being influenced so that… Read More

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The Word “Violence” (1)

Language is perhaps the most important of all cultural innovations achieved by the human species. Yet, it isn’t perfect. Vagueness, the catalyst that helps generate most of our misunderstandings and misinterpretation, seems part of the very fabric of… Read More

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The Rules of War

In his Oslo speech delivered after receiving the Nobel Peace Prize, the US President Barak Obama emphasized the need for warring nations–especially the United States of America–to follow the rules of war. These rules, sometimes collectively referred to as jus… Read More

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