Ahmed Afzaal

Believing and Knowing

“The X-Files” is a popular television series that was originally aired from September 1993 to May 2002. It was produced by Chris Carter for the Fox Network. While I did catch an occasional episode or two when it… Read More

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The Word “Religion”

The Meaning and End of Religion (1962) — declared “a modern classic” by John Hick — is probably the most important of the many writings by the Canadian historian and theologian Wilfred Cantwell Smith. In this book, Smith presents a complex… Read More

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Between “Deed” and “Idea” (1)

When Iqbal published his lectures on “the reconstruction of religious thought in Islam,” he decided to add a brief preface. The preface begins with the following statement: The Qur’an is a book which emphasizes ‘deed’ rather than ‘idea’…. Read More

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