“And as long as the empire can keep the pretense alive that things are all right, there will be no real grieving and no serious criticism.”
~ Walter Brueggemann

The ongoing Collapse of modern civilization has created a crisis of meaning for all educators; to even begin to address this crisis, we must fundamentally change how we live, teach, and lead. My upcoming book, Teaching at Twilight (Cascade Books, 2023) invites all educators—as well as anyone who cares about the younger generation—to take an unflinching look at the rapidly deteriorating state of the earth’s life-support system, become aware of its implications for human civilization, and rethink their responsibility in light of that awareness.

From the Preface
This book is not about “sustainability.” In some ways, it is about the opposite of sustainability, about what happens when we fail to achieve a sustainable state within the grace period that nature gave us for this purpose. Nor is this book about saving the planet; instead, it provides suggestions for moving forward after we’ve realized that humanity may already have caused more damage than nature can fix on human time-scales. For decades, scientists have been warning us that bad things will happen unless we change course. This book doesn’t repeat that warning; instead, it is about what educators can do now, given that we did not change course and that bad things have already started to happen. As such, this is not the book that I wished to write, but it is definitely one that needed to be written. 

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